Simple Living - Clutter Free!

Life with four young kids, a thriving home business, ministry efforts, and home needs is a whole lot easier when that life is clutter-free!  Keeping the "stuff" at a manageable level has been the best habit I have maintained in the last few years for our family's home life.  Now that our family is picking up the homestead again and moving 1,000 miles back to the southwestern desert, I am even more grateful for the organized home we have maintained.

Packing, sorting, and deciding are not nearly as overwhelming this time around, because it's been done as long as we've lived here.  Since we also pay the movers on a by-the-weight scale, the cost is lower, because we are not moving near as much "stuff" as last time!  Let's  face it, a lot of that "stuff" just took up space in the garage after the move, then ended up bringing in a couple of bucks at the neighborhood yard sale.

We found that if we did a twice-a-year clutter clean out, we could keep the house and garage somewhat clutter free, which helped keep it clean as well!  When we did splurge and buy new rugs, towels, linens, or any other home items, we would remove something older from the home. That way, the only thing in the linen closets, or on     the shelves is the things we really need and use.

As I pre-pack some items, and prepare for the frenzied countdown of a whole-family move again, I ponder the fact that although this is the largest house we've ever lived in, it has stayed the cleanest,most organized, and clutter-free.  Maybe because there is a place for everything in this lovely home?  Or maybe, because this family decided that for ourselves, to be truly healthy, we needed to stay clutter free.  Whatever the reasons, I am loving the lack of stress over "stuff" - and I'm pretty sure my family would agree - to live simply, live clutter-free!